We Care Pediatrics Office Telephone Policy

Emergency Calls
For any life-threatening emergencies, call 911 for emergency medical services. These include any emergency in which your child may require resuscitation, such as severe difficulty breathing, severe allergic reaction, or a seizure.

For any non-life-threatening emergency, please call our office at (215)269-3330 during business hours or go to the emergency room. When calling our office, please let the person who answers the phone know this is an emergency; do not let them put you on-hold. If you call after the office is closed, our voicemail will tell you how to contact the answering service to page the doctor on-call (do not leave a message on the voicemail for emergencies, as we only check it every one to two hours). If you don’t hear back from the doctor on-call within 20 minutes, call again or go to the emergency room.

For poisoning, call poison control at (215) 386-2100 or (800)222-1222.

Calls about sick children during office hours
Please call us at (215)269-3330 to schedule sick appointments. A nurse is available to schedule appointments starting at 8:30 AM Monday through Saturday. All calls are screened by a Medical Receptionist or Assistant, who is trained to determine whether your child needs to be seen by the doctor. She will also offer advice on home care if an appointment is unnecessary. If the assistant is unable to answer your question, she will ask a physician to call you back or offer an appointment.

Sick visits are by appointment only. We strongly discourage walk-ins and will usually require walk-ins to wait until the next available appointment time, which may be several hours away.

Well-child and Behavior Questions
We are happy to discuss routine questions about children’s health, behavioral and developmental issues, and other well-child parenting concerns. Please call during weekday office hours. We are often busy with patients during the day, but we will make every effort to return your call within 24 to 48 hours. For urgent mental health concerns, take your child to the emergency room, if necessary.

After Hours Calls
Please call our main number (215)269-3330 after office hours and on weekends for emergency or urgent calls that cannot wait until morning. Messages left on our voicemail will be checked every one to two hours by the physician on-call until 10 PM. If you need a call back more quickly, the voicemail will tell you how to place an emergency call. If you cannot reach us for whatever reason and you feel this is an emergency, take your child to the emergency room.

Prescription Refills
Please call our main number (215)269-3330 during office hours so that we may check your child’s chart for dosage and disease status. We request that you plan ahead and call before medicine has run out. Always have the phone number of your pharmacy available when you call.

Billing Questions
Please call (215) 269-4895 between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM.

Referral Requests
Referral request form can be downloaded from this website and faxed to our office at (215) 269-3355. Please send referral requests at least one week prior to your appointment, or, better yet, call us right after scheduling the appointment. Please call our main line (215) 269-3330, prompt #5 for referral questions.